01.-05.03.2024 in Akumal, Mexico
(between Playa del Carmen & Tulum)

A unique 5 days journey to help you reconnect with yourself, like-minded people and Mother Nature to live a more joyful, fulfilling and meaningful life. 

Explore the power of Personal Coaching, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Ice Bath and much more while discovering Mexico!

Then this retreat is what your soul needs right now! Get ready for the most transformative experience of your life.

“We are calling in all freedom seekers, system crashers, conscious creators and rebels of the new age to gather in the depth of the Mexican jungle to revive your inner fire to create the life you were made to live – strong, courageous, passionate & free.

Through this retreat you will find back to your mental and physical health, the childlike playfulness that you might have lost along the way, your talents, strengths and passions and know exactly how to use them for the greater cause. 

You will let go of the things that are no longer serving you and establish new habits that will align with the vision of your dream future.”

What you will experience

What you can expect

We teach you our unique concept  “the 8 elements of reconnection” combined with the concept of the 4 elements (earth, fire, water, air) that is known from astrology and the Maya Calendar.

The Concept to Reconnect

🌱 Nature (EARTH)

🤝 Community (EARTH)

🙏Consciousness & Spirituality (AIR)

🧿️ Purpose & Vision (AIR)

🔥 Talents & Passions (FIRE) 

❤️️ Emotions & Experiences (FIRE) 

🧘‍♀️ Stress Management und Resilience (WATER) 

💪 Physical Health & Strength (WATER) 

Your main take-aways

Your Retreat Hosts

Franzi - Host & ORGANISATOR

  • Freedom & Business Mentor, Communication & Marketing Expert, Content Creator, Digital Nomad, Online Entrepreneur, Certified Stress Management Coach
  • studied event & media management, intercultural communication, coaching and marketing
  • free spirit, hippie soul, wild heart, rebel, Salsa & Bachata dancer, Manifestor ⅗ in Human Design
  • What I love: traveling, dancing Salsa & Bachata, practicing Yoga, Tarot Cards. Techno events, Latin food & music
  • Traveling for 6 years, originally from Germany with a base in Ibiza, German & English speaking

Co-hosts and Facilitators

Franzi will get accompanied by her retreat partners and facilitator colleagues, that she personally selected and has been working with for years now, making this event even better. 

Why working with us & why Mexicooooo?

We always put in 111% corazon – so love, high energy, compassion and dedication, always driven by our passions and the will to change people´s perspective on how to see their possibilities and potential in life. As we both met each other in Mexico (Playa del Carmen) some months ago, this event can not be anywhere else then here. The place that stole our heart. What we felt here, we want others to experience the same for themselves. Being free, peaceful and at the same time excited, inspired, fulfilled and playful.

This place has its own magic, helping people to ride the crazy waves of life, finding solutions to all problems and answers to our questions.
Our biggest passion is dancing Salsa and Bachata but we also love latin music, traveling, spending time in nature, doing Mediation & Yoga,
and having deep meaningful connections with others and we want to give this world something back.

When we both come together, the energy we create is explosive and contagious and has the power to light up a fire in others.
And exactly this is what you are going to experience for yourself, when joining our event.

We will encourage and inspire you to be more conscious and aware, humble, empathic and free to do whatever you love doing the most in life.

Ekumal - your home for magic

Ekumal Your Ecological Center – the perfect place to go within and reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature

  • in the middle of the jungle of Akumal
  • 15 min to the beach and to Akumal, 25 min to Playa del Carmen
  • it has a Temazcal Fire pit, huge sunset deck above the jungle, multiple open spaces, a large screen and projector, two cenote water pools ( one on the rooftop of Ekumal), a jungle tower with a great round view, multiple table areas for workshops and group dinners, massage / treatment room and much more.

The Center, which consists of three floors is surrounded by the jungle and its magical vibe, which gives creators, innovators and like minded personalities of the new world, of the new era, the space to express their visions and ideas to the ones ready to receive them. It´s a place, where people can grow, express & educate themselves. A place without fear, without judgment. Simply a place to evolve into the best version of yourself and this is why we chose it as our favorite event Venue.

When joining our retreat you will experience a sustainable community in an ecological environment with the focus on creating a positive impact on the planet. When you become part of the space, you become part of the solution. You can discover the depth of the jungle and unwind in an environment created to be in balance with its surrounding nature. Ekumal offers space to relax, to practice ceremonies and classes like Yoga, Dancing etc., as well as wellness treatments and to experience the breathtaking nature around you at the same time. Ekumal is a glowing example of how we as humans can live in balance with our surroundings here on mother earth. The grand mission of Ekumal is to heal our planet of the excessive human exploitation that it is experiencing at the moment, by uniting our energy to help and heal. They are implementing sustainable systems in their construction and into their daily habits, as they installed solar panels on almost all their roofs for example, so they receive up to 90% of their energy through that system. Also their water system is heated by the power of the sun. They installed twelve upcycled lithium batteries of Tesla so they can store the energy in the most efficient way. The construction is a hybrid of upcycled material and innovative new ways of construction, like implementing not recyclable plastic as eco-bricks in the walls. And also they take action right down to the small details, like separating their trash consciously and supporting beach-cleanups.

If you ever wanted to explore Mexico AND yourself in a deep & playful way and reveal what great potential is still hidden inside of you - this is your chance!

You want to become part of this unique experience?

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